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 I am mother of three that seems to have my head stuck in a book. I read on average about 20 books a month or as many as I can fit in between being a pirate and tea parties.

devour anything with Romance in it – Contemporary, Erotica, Historical, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Young Adult; but I have been known to read other genres.  

I love it when a book sets my soul free while tugging at my heart strings. Books, in my opinion, are ultimately a Great Escape and the Best Entertainment.  

I have been posting ratings and reviews on Goodreads since January 2010 and used to run the blog Sisters Unedited ( ). 

As you can see, I just moved my reviews and ratings over to

When I review a book for an author or publisher I post my review at:

My blog:
The Book Slayer at
Pin books & Reviews on Pinterest :
Books I love :
2012 Books Coming out that I wanna read :
My To Be Read List :
My Book Reviews : 
Twitter :!/The_Book_Slayer
I will also post on Amazon and Barnes & Noble if requested.
* Due to all the hoop-la with authors getting upset about negative reviews I am picky about which self-publishing authors I will except a copy of their book(s) for an honest review.
** I will always post my honest review of the book. It is my opinion and therefore is neither right or wrong, it just is.

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I love reading, blogging, pinning all the things on pinterest, wine, whiskey, tequila, and coffee.

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