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Who is this mysterious person called book slayer?

Well I am just your average or maybe not so average Mother.

I grew up in decently large city where I did the usual teenage things such as : shopping, dating and speed racing. No really I got quite a few tickets within the first 2 years of receiving my license.

justjezza:Definition of Terror = driving around the Arc de Triomphe.(Editor’s note:  having witnessed many people attempt to RUN across  this madness, I’m sure it really is nerve-jangling to drive it.)

(yes I watch Top Gear but only the British show! America screwed it over. I will just leave it at that.)

My poor father. Really I can only blame him for my love of cars and need to feed the speed. Vroom Vroom!

Before you ask or maybe you won’t but I will tell you, I have been working on cars since I was … well probably 5 years old. That’s right. I was the girl who took small engine mechanics in high school instead of home ec. Kinda explains a lot about me, right?

I am a firm believer that German cars are the best all around vehicle and oil is something any one can change and should. You would not believe how cheap it is to do yourself.

I have driven 80 mph in second gear driving a 911 Porsche Carrera with the wide body style. That thing was sexy as hell.

Porsche 911 Carrera Body Styling Program by Gemballa Front Angle View 600x379 Porsche 911 Carrera Body Styling Program by GemballaPorsche 911 Carrera Body Styling Program by Gemballa Rear Angle View 600x379 Porsche 911 Carrera Body Styling Program by Gemballa

I have a deep love of music. My choice of music seems to be as encompassing as my choice of books. If it is good and it speaks to me I love it. I can listen to Two Steps From Hell -to- Reel Big Fish -to- Flo Rida -to- The Band Perry -to- Maroon 5 and well you get the point.


My senior year in high school I moved to the country. Okay so the town I moved to is a college town and a really nice one, but the surrounding areas are country. I never heard country music in high school till I moved. I kid you not! It is the honest truth.

I met my husband, who went to a true hick school, and I knew I wanted him and well as you read in most ya books, the rest is history.

We have been married for 8 years, had 3 kids  and 2 moves across the U.S. I now read like it’s going out of style. I just can’t get enough. I literally never read in high school, like I was allergic to books. I think my mind is trying desperately to make up for the time lost with the written word.

I started blogging about 1 1/2 ago with my sister. She is the typical girl-with-her-nose-in-a-book. I decided to spread my wings and create my own blog. So here I am. Not exactly what you were expecting huh?

Oh, Yes my name really is Amanda to my annoyance and my proud parents ancestors. Sigh.

Warning: Being a mother & wife comes first and foremost. If my kids or hubby needs me and home life gets crazy they will always come first, so just know if I haven’t posted that day it means life has taken me over or my brain has shut-down from over stimulation that day. 

Weekly Layout:

Monday : Book Slayer Monday!

I post a series that you get to match the quotes with the right books.

Tuesday : Top Ten Tuesday!

I enjoy making lists. I follow along with The Broke and the Bookish on Tuesdays. However, sometimes I beat to my own drum. You never know what Top Ten you will get from week to week. ;o)

Wednesday : Review it Wednesday!

I post a book review pretty consistently on Wednesday. Typically they are ARC reviews or recent releases.

Thursday : Anything Goes Thursday!

Review/random post/teaser? You name it and it could happen.

Friday : My Friday Follows!

I participate in Feature & Follow and also 18 & Over Blogger Follow because I need adult time. As you can see I do read adult books. I can only handle ya for so long without mixing it up.

Saturday : Surprise Saturday!

Food for thought for the weekend! This doesn’t always happen but I do try to have one posted for Saturday.

Working on:

Monthly Blogger Get-Together with the bloggers from Awesome Sauce Book Club 

We are planning on reading a book every month, getting together and talking about it over food. I mean who could say no to that? After a post will be put together and shared. Fingers are crossed that September will be our first month.


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I love reading, blogging, pinning all the things on pinterest, wine, whiskey, tequila, and coffee.

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