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November 27, 2016 by thebookslayer

22 Confessions Every Book Lover Should Own Up To:

When it comes to reading do you read one book, two or several at a time?

I tend to read several books at once. I’m pretty sure this confuses some people but it works for me. I currently have 7 listed on my Goodreads profile with a few more to add to that. I also have an “on-hold” list. These are usually the books that I had to return to the library before I was able to finish them. Occasionally they’re the ones that have sat on my nightstand too long and get moved to the bookshelf next to my side of the bed with my TBR books. This makes it easier than trying to find them amongst the books in the living room. With all these books left unfinished you might be wondering how I manage. Luckily I’m pretty good about remembering what all is going on in the various books so getting them all mixed up doesn’t tend to happen. (I used to use index cards as bookmarks to keep notes/quotes on them for reviews. I’ve gotten away from that habit but should probably pick it back up again.)

What I didn’t expect was that my children would want to read several at once as well. My husband reads one book at a time. When it comes to reading with my kids it’s not unusual for me to read several books at various chapters in each book with them. For example, tonight my oldest wanted to read Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood and Karen’s Witch (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #1) . She has other books that she is reading such as the books from the Bad Kitty series too. Those books are hilarious, by the way. Add in that the kids and me have been listening to Brave and How to Train Your Dragon in the car and it’s amazing we can keep any of it straight. There you have it, one of my family’s odd reading habits.

Now do I read a highlander, dragon, steampunk, or fantasy book? So many books to read, so little time.


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