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May 8, 2013 by thebookslayer


Technology advancements in the past 10 years, heck even 5 years, have allowed us to reach out to other like-minded people throughout the world. We, bloggers, understand how important and crucial it is to be able to reach out. We depend on traffic to our sites to either bring in revenue or at the least give us an edge for receiving ARCs, advanced reader copies.

You, my fellow book blogger, might wonder what iphone applications are out there that can make your job easier. I can’t say that I have all the answers, but I can say that I use quite a few apps. on my iphone daily to keep up with and reach out to other book bloggers.

So what iphone apps. do I recommend? Let me give you the run down of what I use and a few that you might find helpful, as well.

1. Goodreads

mzl.nlzxpvte.320x480-75I use this constantly. Not only can I update my status, see what friends are reading, add a quick review but also scan bar codes of books while out and about. The last one is handy while shopping and I want to know what my friends have said or suggested about the book I am looking at purchasing. This app. is free so just go download it. I love it and I bet you will too.

2. WordPress or Blogger

Wordpress-for-iOSThis is the WordPress.com app that I use daily. As you can see you have access to absolutely everything that you do when you get on a computer. This is a fast easy way to comment on your blog or go out to other blogs. I do know that Blogger has their own version that is the same. These are both free apps.

3. Echofon

friendsThis is your twitter and tweeting friend. I have yet to find another twitter app that works as well as this one on my iphone. It sends you push notifications when you get a tweet, retweet, favored, or follow. A simple click and it takes you to the tweet and you can reply. Fast, easy and free. Can you tell I am big into free apps?!


4. Feeddler RSS

feedler4This is a bloggers best friend when it comes to following other blogs. Seriously, it keeps track of all of the blogs you follow and their posts. You can click on each blog or simply view unread posts. You can also click on the post to go out to the site and yes, even comment. Trust me, this one will save you loads of time in this area. FREE, FREE, FREE!



5. Nook

nook-app-reviewTake your books on the go with you. Or better yet, look up any quote or line from a book with just your phone. I use this application for easy pease quote look ups. It is easier to use what I have out by my computer than go back to the bedroom and make noise looking for my nook. (I have three kids and when I do this it’s usually while they are sleeping.) You can switch back and forth between iphone and your actual nook. So no missing highlighted quotes, bookmarks or last spot reading. Yes, this one is free as well.


6. Kindle

2882I’m sure you are wondering why this one is after the Nook. Simple, I only own an actual Nook. I do not own any kind of Kindle, however, many publishers give out digital ARC’s and use kindle format quite often. Therefore, the Kindle app is on my phone. This gives me access to all of those ARCs without having to buy the product. Yup, just like the Nook, this one is free.

7. Paperless

paperlesslistschecklistsThis is my favorite go-to application for any type of list or notes. It cannot only make checklists but also tabs full of information under any title you put. So each book I review gets its own tab filled with information on what I put in my reviews. Also I use this to keep ideas of blog posts. I got the upgraded version for $2.99, I think. They do have a free one, but I use this for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in my life. So it was easily worth the upgrade.

Other Apps that you might use are:




-Talk (google talk connected to your gmail account)

-B&N and Amazon (need to have access to books)

You might enjoy using any or all of these as well and if you found some new ones to try, great! 

My question to you is: Which app do you use or think you would use the most?

I use goodreads the most for blogging purposes and Paperless for not only blogging but everyday projects etc. What about you?


4 thoughts on “iPhone Apps For The Book Blogger

  1. I have Feedler and GR & Kindle of course. Feedler has been great so far.

  2. Ahmed Bashir says:

    I have Feedler and GR & Kindle of course. Feedler has been great so far.For more details please visit http://www.appshah.com/

  3. seandale2 says:

    I have loved GoodReads for a long time but why mess with a good thing? I hate how I really no longer have a home page instead its full of my friend’s updates. Not to sound rude, but my GoodReads page is mine, not a de facto billboard for others. I hate the Facebook-style homepage. If Goodreads wants to keep the “like” and “comment” then please add a “dislike” button so I’ll be able to remind Goodreads how much I HATE this update. I want to open this app and being able to navigate through my account. Not being forced to see what others read/think on my private account. I truly regret installing this update. Can it be un-installed? Or can it have the former version of the home page put back in the app? Please seriously consider the original layout without a Facebook style page. Right now it looks like the tail is wagging the dog.
    Word Barcode

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