Novella Review : Princess in Disguise by Karen Hawkins

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May 7, 2013 by thebookslayer

Princess in Disguise by Karen Hawkins

15801788Princess Menshikov of Oxenburg, Alexandra Romanovin, is done being courted by men interested only in her position and wealth. Inspired by tales told by a beloved tutor of the bold and brawny men of Scotland, Alexandra visits that misty land, hoping to find true love. But while traveling without the protection of her royal name, she finds herself accused of thievery by an angry innkeeper. Rescued by the dashing and handsome Earl of Kintore, she thinks she’s found the answer to her prayers—a man worth falling in love with.

But Kintore has other ideas. An avowed bachelor who long ago swore off marriage, the earl wants nothing more than a passionate interlude with this beautiful, exotic stranger. But soon Alexandra’s intoxicating beauty and seductive touch leave Kintore wondering if a mere interlude will be enough…

Alexandra is a woman on a mission. She must find a husband or the King will choose for her. As a widow, she was no stranger to the ways of men. However, this Princess was no match for the drunken lonely Earl, Kintore.

When I started reading this novella I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Alexandra. She seemed a bit self-centered and childish with her request to travel across the country due to boredom  Let’s me just say, it must be nice to be able to just up and leave life as she knew it to go across the country on a whim.

Now she was dressed as a maid to hide her royalty since she didn’t wish to be burdened with taking more of an escort than she must. So when Kintore entered the Inn’s private parlor that Alexandra just happened to be in as well … things went from bad to worse.

He decided that a little action wouldn’t be bad and since he thought her a maid no one would care. Well, things heated up and Alexandra’s guard came in and caught them. You can imagine that this did not end well for Kintore. He was knocked out cold by the giant bear of a man, Doya.

And the fun begins. Alexandra wishes for a tryst and Kintore finds some hidden strength to try to remain unaffected by this foreign Princess and dodge her marriage plot.

But life… “life should be lived-with love and passion.” Kintore finds that his strength might not be enough to keep him from succumbing to what his heart desires.

Recommendation : It is a light, fun and passion-filled read making it the perfect Historical Romance novella. So give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Rated : 

I want to say thank you to Pocket Star via Edelweiss for providing me with a copy of this novella for an honest review.


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