Book Slayer Monday! – Stormdancer Baby!


December 10, 2012 by thebookslayer

Book Slayer Monday!It’s that time again. Yes, it is the dreaded Monday. I know I hate Mondays as well. Make it a Monday morning and my hate is complete. Ugh. All I can manage on a Monday morning is…


Yup, that about sums it up. But the week must go on. So that means it is time to put another book up for slaying. I mentioned last week that every Monday in December will be a book from my top 5 favorites this year. Angelfall was featured last week. If you haven’t tried your hand at that quiz I suggest giving it a go.

This week is…

Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1)

I honestly don’t have words to describe how awesome this book was. I loved every minute. The action, the violence, the DEATH, plus a side of romance and you just can’t go wrong. Throw in some Steampunk and I am sold. Well, I could sing this book’s praises all day, but I won’t. If you have read it than you understand its pure awesomeness. If you haven’t than you must, you really must! Trust me this book is worth your time.

But this is not a book review, no. This is me testing you on what you can remember. I think we can all agree that certain parts stuck out, but what about some of the details? Hmmm? That is where it gets complicated and I so enjoy making a few people sweat when they take my quiz.

Are you ready to give it a shot?

How did you do? I know, some of them were probably easy, but I tried to put a few in there that made you stop and think. Hopefully I am not the only one who now wants to re-read it.

Which question was the hardest? What part of the book was your favorite?

I can tell you hands down that the first fight scene with Yukiko and Buruu fighting together as one wins for me. It truly was a dance that only they knew the steps too. Beautiful. Sigh. I think I shall leave you now to go and re-read this book. Hope your Monday goes as well as it can, for being a Monday. 😉


2 thoughts on “Book Slayer Monday! – Stormdancer Baby!

  1. 90%! I have still not been able to get 100% on one of these. My reading comprehension BLOWS. LOL.

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