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August 6, 2012 by thebookslayer

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This week is all about our blogs. This is also a way for you to get to know a little about me as a blogger. I choose :

My Top Ten Favorite Posts

1. Calling All Book Addicts 

Calling all book addicts! This post is for you. If you have found yourself hoarding books or constantly buying books before you have finished the ones you have then stay tuned.

2. Everyone has their little quirks in life. One of mine is…

Everyone has their little quirks in life. Well I will let you in on one of mine. I love to read the author’s bio at the end of the book. I know it’s weird and I am sure most people don’t pay attention but you can find some fun loving ones in the mix, not just your standard accomplishments. In honor of my quirk I will be sharing my…

3. Those Awkward Moments You Wish You Could Un-Read

Those Awkward moments when you read something and think, ‘Wow, that was uncomfortable.’ You know that you have been there. Well I wanted to give those awkward moments the spotlight they deserve. I am sure if you have read the books or seen reviews of these books mentioned you might be familiar with these, but why not give them their own special post! Who doesn’t need a laugh now and again esp. with all the drama in the blogging world.

4. Good Girls Want Bad Boys! Why and Who are these Bad Boys?

Why? What is the fascination?

This is something that has been debated time and again on Goodreads. I don’t know if this discussion always is stated this exact way, but most of the books with good girls dating bad boys tend to have some strong feeling swinging both ways. I can say that honestly I enjoy reading these stories, but that is all they are. I can enjoy them as an ulternate reality because let’s face it the bad boys are not the same in life as they are in books.

Fantasy : Girls love the idea of taming that wild, free spirit in a sexy man. Tattoos hell yeah! Tempting fate and playing with fire can bring on it’s own rush, but the truth is you will get burned.

Reality : You can’t change someone unless they want to change for themselves. The idea of ‘A Walk to Remember,’ is sweet but don’t count on it in real life.

I have a secret love of all sexy alpha male bad boys. Okay so it’s not such a secret if you are familar with the books that I have read.(GR page)

5. Are You A Book Slayer? – Black Dagger Brotherhood Boys!

Once a week, usually Monday, I post a Book Slayer Challenge where you, my fellow readers, get to slay books along with me. I know it sounds exciting. Now what do you need to do? Well you need to get those stakes out and get ready to dive on into the book fray and match the quotes with the right books.

Are you ready for this week’s book series?

So last week we were over in the Urban Fantasy genrewith the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Love that series. So many great moments to remember and re-read.

Well this week I headed over to the Paranormal Romance genre. Now I switched it up with the test because this series is so awesome and well loved I thought that I would just take the guess work out of it and come out and tell you. So this week you have the honor of slaying…

6. Are You A Book Slayer #5 – Twilight What Have You Done To My Wife?

Love It or Hate It kind of book

I decided to put a series up for slaying that has been squealed about as much as torn apart. I thought it would be fun to see if those who loved it and those who hated this series could actually remember some of the quotes.

Therefore my quotes will be more of the popular ones. I think no matter what you thought of the book you will enjoy this one, at least I hope.

This week we are headed back to the YA Genre. Think Introverted Girl meetsSelf-Loathing Vampire with a side of Werewolf BFF. Yup I am sure you guessed it. We are going to be slaying the Twilight Series.

7. ARC Review : Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass


This review was hard for me. There were quite a few things that were similar toPoison Study by Maria V. Snyder.

You must know that Poison Study is one of my favorite books. I think if I had never read Poison Study, Throne of Glass would probably rate more stars, but the similarities were just too many.

* I went on and listed quotes from each book and the similarities.

8. The Saint by Monica McCarty

* I have a weak spot for Highlander books.

To start off I just have to say that this book kept me on my feet and guessing. People die, relationships fail and some relationships build an unbreakable bond! Yet another great addition to the Highland Guards series!

9. Me, Myself & I – Contact Me Page

All Who Stumble Upon My Page

I am more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns but please for the Love of Delicious Cookies do not ask me to remove reviews or any posts. It will be ignored.

10. Pinterest – Goodreads Peeps Board

I love to have pictures to go with my book reviews and for status updates! I have to thank Wendy, Michele and Lindsay for some great GR updates with pictures. You guys make this too easy on me.

*Lots of Hot Men and Funny Sayings added daily!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my blog and who I am. I love to talk to people about books so feel free to add me on GR & Follow my Blog.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! – All About Me!

  1. marissa says:

    I love the author bios too! I actually get kind of annoyed if they are weak or lacking I want those bios!

    rae gun ramblings

  2. I enjoy reading the author bios as well as the forwards and the dedications. Guess I’m a bit nosy. Great list.

  3. Alright, I’m a new fan. You pretty much had me after the Book Addict post, and then I read all the awkwardness, and saw that you’re a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, and yeah, I need to follow your blog:P

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  4. Your posts are super fun! Who doesn’t do the the double stack? I do, I do! 🙂

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