Are You A Book Slayer? # 4 – Cat & Bones!


July 31, 2012 by thebookslayer

I know it has been a while and I am terribly sorry about that. Life has been a little hectic with Hubby being gone and kids doctor appointments etc. So now that we seem to be back on track at home I needed to get back to my blogging/slaying!

Ready or Not Here we Go!

My friend Amber I. from AwesomeSauce Book Club  helped me pick out the series we are going to slay this week.

This week we are heading into the Paranormal Romance genre where one sexy British Vampire wins the heart of a half-breed, Kitten.

Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

Cat and Bones are an adorable couple who find they have more in common then trying to rid the world of vampires. Bones may be a vampire himself but he hunts down others who do not play by the rules. Cat has been hunting down vamps since her teenage years. Being half-vampire, thanks to daddy dearest, she has their strengths but the human side lures them in.

Bones trains Cat to be deadly in every way. This team is so fun to watch grow closer and closer together. Add in all the other characters and you get a great series. Who doesn’t love a British Vampire & Sexy Assassin out to show the world who is in charge?

Now the fun begins. Are you ready to match the Quotes up with the right Books?
Ready. Set.
Result Time:

100% – You have killed this series with your book slaying ability! May all other Book Slayers bow down before you.

90% – So close to being perfect. You have nearly mastered this series. Keep reading and practicing your slaying ability. Next time you will be ready.

80% – Room for improvement. You are on your way but still need to hone your skills. Remember that practice makes perfect.

70% – You half*ssed it! You need to step up your slaying workout!

60% – This series has kicked your butt! You had some good hits in there but just couldn’t pull it off. 

50% – Mayday! Mayday! You are going down fast! Your techniques are slow and sloppy.

40% – Yikes! Please tell me that you might have skipped reading a few books from this series. You lost the fight in a big way.

30% – You have so few moves you need to go back to basic training!

20% – Ouch! You were down by the second hit! Maybe this series wasn’t that memorable for you.

10% – You took one hit and went down! You need to re-read this series or forget slaying it. 

0% – You just laid down and died! Did you even read any of the books? 

Now that you have finished let me know what book is your favorite of this series and why?

My favorite is the second book One Foot in the Grave. Watching Cat and Bones get back together and realize how much they do love each other was adorable. Plus I will never forget the scene where Bones tells Cat she didn’t need to take her underwear off to attract Vamps. HA! The joke was on her.


3 thoughts on “Are You A Book Slayer? # 4 – Cat & Bones!

  1. I missed 4! I am so ashamed. lol And 2 of them I had but changed my answer. I failed.

  2. Bite Me says:

    Omg i score 60% lol I think I master it.. apparently not..
    Just finish the series..not a fan of book 6 though..less bloody and messy…

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