Are you a Book Slayer? # 3 Black Dagger Brotherhood Boys!


July 8, 2012 by thebookslayer

Are you ready for this week’s book series?

So last week we were over in the Urban Fantasy genre with the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Love that series. So many great moments to remember and re-read.

Well this week I headed over to the Paranormal Romance genre. Now I switched it up with the test because this series is so awesome and well loved I thought that I would just take the guess work out of it and come out and tell you. So this week you have the honor of slaying…

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward!

I adore this series and can trace my love of all things paranormal back to this series. So many laughs, tears and frustrations have happened with this series. If you haven’t read it then shame on you. They really are a must read. Those boys know how to kick ass and protect that which is theirs. Damn here come the tears.

Here are The BDB Boys!


Are you guys ready to match up the quotes with the right books?
Ready. Set. 
Result Time:

100% – You have killed this series with your book slaying ability! May all other Book Slayers bow down before you.

90% – So close to being perfect. You have nearly mastered this series. Keep reading and practicing your slaying ability. Next time you will be ready.

80% – Room for improvement. You are on your way but still need to hone your skills. Remember that practice makes perfect.

70% – You half*ssed it! You need to step up your slaying workout!

60% – This series has kicked your butt! You had some good hits in there but just couldn’t pull it off. 

50% – Mayday! Mayday! You are going down fast! Your techniques are slow and sloppy.

40% – Yikes! Please tell me that you might have skipped reading a few books from this series. You lost the fight in a big way.

30% – You have so few moves you need to go back to basic training!

20% – Ouch! You were down by the second hit! Maybe this series wasn’t that memorable for you.

10% – You took one hit and went down! You need to re-read this series or forget slaying it. 

0% – You just laid down and died! Did you even read any of the books? 

I don’t know about you but re-reading some of these quotes again brought tears to my eyes. Honestly so many good moments to relive. I hope that you enjoyed this as well.

My favorite BDB Boy is Zsadist. I am a sucker for the tortured soul and I think Zsadist tops that one. So who is your favorite Brother? Why?




3 thoughts on “Are you a Book Slayer? # 3 Black Dagger Brotherhood Boys!

  1. HAHA It’s been soooo long since I read some of these that I only scored 50%. Thanks for the fun quiz!


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