Are You A Book Slayer?


June 24, 2012 by thebookslayer

Are you a Book Slayer?

This is the first time in the history of my blog where you, my fellow readers, get to slay books along with me. I know it sounds exciting. Now what do you need to do? Well you need to get those stakes out and get ready to dive on into the book fray.

We are going to be slaying books in the YA genre today. That’s right I went with a series that many people have read. But don’t be fooled this test isn’t so easy. You must first answer which series we are talking about. You then get to match the quotes with the right books. It may sound easy but I think you will be surprised.

Let’s kick off this test with you guessing which book series you get to slay today.

Here it is :

This series is based around a kick-butt heroine. She and her best friend are dragged back to school to complete their education. Being sent back to school was the best and worst thing to happen. Our heroine falls in love with her mentor, our hero.

The to love or not to love war between them goes on throughout the series. We have laughed and cried over the choices each had made. But fate was cruel and when they promised to be together the unspeakable happens.The Hero was changed for the worst. Now our heroine must leave her friend to find and kill her lover.

We also get to watch her friend grow into a strong women and key player in the society. Even with the distance between them they are able to maintain this friendship.

The series goes on to right the wrongs that have been done. Don’t worry, love does prevail.

Still need more help? Here are some helpful hints.

St. Vladimir’s Academy
Rose Hathaway
Lissa Dragomir
Dimitri Belikov

Don’t forget that now you have to match the quotes to the books!
Now that you have guessed what series this is let’s see if you can slay it!
Get those stakes out and sharpened!

Ready. Set.

Result Time:

100% – You have killed this series with your book slaying ability! May all other Book Slayers bow down before you.

90% – So close to being perfect. You have nearly mastered this series. Keep reading and practicing your slaying ability. Next time you will be ready.

80% – Room for improvement. You are on your way but still need to hone your skills. Remember that practice makes perfect.

70% – You half*ssed it! You need to step up your slaying workout!

60% – This series has kicked your butt! You had some good hits in there but just couldn’t pull it off. 

50% – Mayday! Mayday! You are going down fast! Your techniques are slow and sloppy.

40% – Yikes! Please tell me that you might have skipped reading a few books from this series. You lost the fight in a big way.

30% – You have so few moves you need to go back to basic training!

20% – Ouch! You were down by the second hit! Maybe this series wasn’t that memorable for you.

10% – You took one hit and went down! You need to re-read this series or forget slaying it. 

0% – You just laid down and died! Did you even read any of the books? 

If you enjoyed putting your book slaying abilities to the test and would like to slay other series please leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is the best way for me to gauge what you would like to see and participate with on my blog. Thanks for daring to slay this series with me. Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Are You A Book Slayer?

  1. Pixie says:

    Haha! 100%. I knew the answer by the time I’d read the second sentence of the first paragraph. (Absolutely one of my all-time favorites) *happy dance*
    I like this idea, btw. It’s fun. You should keep it. 🙂


    • Thanks. I like it too, but it does take up some time. So if people like it I will keep it up. I am glad you enjoyed. I love this series. I might have had a few tears leak out while reading some quotes. ;o) Welcome to being a Master Book Slayer!

  2. Tiffany Webb says:

    I really like this idea!!! I think you should have made it harder LOL It may have been hard for some but I instantly knew this. I think you should only give two hints but that’s my opinion. Hope this helps you make a decision on whether or not to keep doing this. 😀

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