Calling All Book Addicts!


June 21, 2012 by thebookslayer

Calling all book addicts! This post is for you. If you have found yourself hoarding books or constantly buying books before you have finished the ones you have than stay tuned.

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a book addict. It is true. I have been addicted to books for about 2 years. Now I know you probably think that 2 years isn’t long enough to become addicted, but I am telling you I  am. I have a serious problem with buying and reading these beloved stories. I have read 130 books this year alone. Heaven knows that I have bought probably the same number not to mention all the books that I have loaned from the library.

I have on handy anywhere from 10 to 30 books loaned from the library sitting by my nightstand. I probably have about 30 books on top of my night stand just waiting to be read. I can almost hear them whisper, pick me pick me. Then I have about 60 + books on my nook and kindle (ARC’s) that are demanding my attention. Is this enough? No, not for me. I keep buying them.

Now  as you can imagine my Hubby tends to frown upon buying so many. This is where the creativity comes into play. Getting my purchases into the house without confrontation. See I will not lie if he asks me about the purchase but I am not about to shoot myself in the foot. So I tend to let things lay low for a while and magically books start popping up. Now ebooks are a little harder. Usually the next day Hubby will ask me if I bought books. Well yeah you see the charges. LOL.

I know I am not the only one out there so I decided to ask around and see how you, my fellow book addicts, get these purchases in without raising the alarm.

1. Take a Peek


This one is a classic. The best way to get a book in unnoticed is to make sure that no one is home or at least in another room. We grab our book(s) and make a mad dash into the bedroom to deposit the book with the rest. We know that the best place to hide it is in plain sight. If you are anything like me than it is hard to tell I have added a book when there already are tons.

2. Stash and Disperse

Now I have to say that I got this one from a friend. Kara was gracious enough to share her award-winning move with me. Thanks!

The secret is to stash your purchases in a trunk and let them sit till you can find the right time to move them little by little to your library. ‘See these books have always been here.’ ‘No I did not just put that there can’t you tell it’s been here the whole time?’ I have to say that this one might be worth trying. Kara also mentioned that this one has been perfected due to ebooks being too easy to track. So true Kara, so true.

3. The Hide and Seek

This is one that another friend of mine, Pixie, may or may not have told me about. Okay so she gladly shared and I about died laughing. I have to say this one is a winner for me. The object is to be able to walk in plain sight without anyone knowing that you have a book on you. Pixie claims that you should put this book under your shirt and casually walk past unsuspecting persons and seek the perfect place to stash your book. Now I have not tried this maneuver but I think it has some merit.

4. Invisibility

Stealth Skills Activate!

I think this is my number one technique. Being a mom of 3 I tend to be the one to go grocery shopping. Poor Hubby gets overwhelmed with all the purchases needed on a weekly to bi-weekly trip. So Momma heads out to the grocery store and gets this done and more. I am telling you that this is the best way to purchase a book. Undetectable. Unless you have the receipt it is unknown when a book shows up. Now I don’t lie, if Hubby asks I will tell him and I usually show him. But if you want stealth this baby is it.

I go to the store and make my way over to the books first. I can usually find one that is bagging me to buy. I can’t disappoint so in the cart it goes. It gets checked out with the rest of the groceries and makes its way inside all in the nice white innocent bag. Since I am usually the one to put the groceries away it makes it easy to get this book where it is needed.

A friend from Goodreads has used this maneuver often .
“I have bought them at the grocery store before even though they’re full price, that way hubby doesn’t see “Barnes & Noble” on the credit card, he just sees groceries 😉 ”

It is true. It really does work.

5. Yard Sale

I have never heard of this one until today. I am telling you I laughed so hard I cried. This one is brilliant. Most people hear the word bargain or yard sale and for some reason all is forgiven. I mean when you find a good deal why not? The funny part was that this person may or may not have paid full price and left them on the car floor just to turn around with the words ‘I found them at a Yard Sale.’ Brilliant. It gets me every time.

6. Gift Card Special

Another great idea is to purchase gift cards at the store. We discussed the merit of this in number 4. Let’s take it a step further and get a gift card. This allows you to purchase ebooks without setting off credit card alarms. Some books I just don’t want to wait for so ebooks are the way to go. Fast and easy! Now untraceable thanks to your gift card purchase.

7. Tuck and Cover

This is one my daughter has perfected. She manages to not only hide books but toys in her bed. I am not kidding. It really is crazy what I find in the morning. No this picture is not from my house, but you get the idea.

8. The Double Stack

My entire bookshelf looks like this. There just isn’t enough room for every book we own to fit on the shelves we have. Now this maneuver is great for depositing new purchases and making them blend in. Then you can head back to get your book and it is as if the book has always been there.

It is your turn now, my fellow book addict.

I am curious to see what one will win. Let the best maneuver win!

Feel free to predict which one will win the commenting below. Or share your book addiction story. Remember you are not alone.


17 thoughts on “Calling All Book Addicts!

  1. Archer says:


    My name is Archer. I’ve been a book addict for going on 15 years now. I have around 5-6000 (Thats a very conservative estimate) books in mobi format for reading on my kindle and have too many books to count in hard back. I’ve only read about 18 books so far this year but I moved across the world and settled in a new country. Last year I read upwards of about 200. Books are pretty much my only financial addiction. And I cannot go without them.

  2. o0sarah0o says:

    lol, thanks for the opportunity to confess anonymously 😉 “borrowing” is another tried and true method, you borrow 1 in a series from a friend and end up buying the rest. This never sounds the alarm. Since I’m just finishing something I already started. 🙂

    • oh that one is good. I should have used it too. I used to borrow a lot until my book collection exceeded most. lol

      • o0sarah0o says:

        bff (fellow book whore) usually buys different books so we can plan our sharing. I’d still be happy to send you Mind Games if you want. It was a Cleveland Public Library (retired) copy that I got for 19 cents and shipping, so it’s no big deal, really.

      • I am going to check my library, but if there is a wait I will let you know. Thanks Sarah. ;o)

  3. lauren says:

    lauren – 4 hours ago Most of my books are ebooks so I don’t have to worry about too much. But on my kindle I have 417 items and I have a bookshelf that is packed three deep. So I kind of triple stack. Back at my moms house I have another 309 paperbacks. I read waaaayyyy to much! I am truly an addict!

  4. Neyra says:

    i lmao at all of these gifs xD but if i had to choose, i do the The sneek peek, and the hide and seek 😛

    • Lol. When someone told me about the gift card idea I could not believe I have never heard of it. Brilliant ideas and so many people really do them. Haha. Thanks for commenting.

  5. alterlisa says:

    When my daughter got her apartment at college, I no longer felt obligated (yes, I love her to death) to keep “her” room and a guest bedroom. So her room became my office/study (hubby and I had shared one before). Hubby made the mistake of letting me borrow some industrial shelving that we had used in the garage and now I can triple shelf my books. This is really great for series books. Just because my inventory says I have 3000+ doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t see but a third of them does it? And I always make sure he sees me mailing out the 20 or so books a month and totally ignoring the 30 or so that arrive. So poor soul thinks there is more going out than coming in.

  6. Okay I do more than one of those with the book addiction. I do the double stack, the shopping for food( have gotten better with that one lately) . I also do the stash one , and I can do the 1st one when all my kids are at school.

    I do also donate books to my middle schoolers library 🙂 Great post and yes I have a problem.

    • Thanks. Don’t worry. I think more people suffer from this than we can imagine. Yes, the grocery store is my biggest offender. It’s so easy to buy and not have it show up. lol

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