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June 16, 2012 by thebookslayer


Hosted by Crystal @ Reading Between the Wines

Question of the Week:

Fight Club! Heroine Vs. Heroine. Pick your two favorite kick-ass book heroines and pit them against each other. Who would win?

Allie Beckstrom (Allie Beckstrom Series by Devon Monk)


Gin Blanco (Elemental Assassin Series by Jennifer Estep)

Magic to the Bone (Allie Beckstrom, #1)

I decided to go with two Kick-ass Heroines that wield magic in different ways. Both of these women don’t take no for an answer and will always do things their way. Allie is able to store magic and tap into more through the lines under the city. She also happens to be Zayvion’s soul complement so therefore she can wield as much as he wields, which can I say he wields a whole hell of a lot. Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1)

Gin Blanco is a retired assassin who seems to be taking more jobs now then she was when she was working. She can wield Ice and Stone magic which is rare. Gin was given a home off the streets by another assassin who teaches her his trade. She has come up against other assassins and has always succeed.

Now I would have to say that this fight would be a close one. I mean both can strike and block with magic. Gin has the assassin background, but Allie has been on her own hounding for a long time. I am going to have to say that Gin is my winner only if Allie could not join forces with Zayvion. If Allie and Zayvion were to wield magic together then Gin would never stand a chance.

 Gin Blanco is my Winner!

Who do you think would win?


9 thoughts on “18 & Over Blogger Follow

  1. I never read either of your heroines books. But, I have heard of them. I’m gonna go with Gin, based on your description. Retired assassin? That’s bad ass! hehe..

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    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

  2. mrsaubergine says:

    Interesting choices! I haven’t heard of Devon Monk but I own the first Estep book – just haven’t read it yet! Will have to check out Monk now, thanks!

    • I love her Allie Beckstrom series b/c she adds this whole twist with soul complements where they can work magic together. It’s awesome. Of Course I love the Elemental Assassin series. I have to say that I was much happier by book 3 when Gin gravitates toward a diff. Male Lead. But I won’t give it all away.

  3. Ooo. Love the lesser known ones. I’d heard of Estep but Monk is completely new to me. Will have to check both out. Both of them sound very interesting.

  4. I still haven’t read these books, but I definitely gotta add to my tbr list 😛 They look and sound so awesome! xD Great picks, and thanks for stopping by 😀

  5. Astrid says:

    steaming hot is what it is, Allie with Zayvion, thank god she keeps writing more.

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