ARC Review : Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard


May 27, 2012 by thebookslayer

Something Strange and Deadly
Susan Dennard

Release Date : July 24th 2012

Rated : 
Recommend : This book rated right up there with Divergent and Angefall. It was quite original. Susan Dennard spins a tale about magic, hunters, and zombies. All you Steampunk fans will love this and those who have never read anything from that genre, well this is a good one to start with.
“A breath later, somber bells rang out, and I knew it was all very, very real. That was the Dead alarm.

I’d heard of corpses awakening-hungry and dangerous though still quite dead. The purpose of bells in coffins was, after all, to warn us; but if the word on the street was true, then in the last week more than a few bodies had escaped their graves.”

The Dead Alarm went off as Eleanor Fitt was standing in line to see if her brother had sent word about why he wasn’t on the train home.  Panic decends and in order for Eleanor not to be trampled she heads into the now abandoned office. But Elenor is not so lucky. She is hiding behind the door by the desk when“I lifted my gaze with deliberate caution and met the face that now waited outside the window, where only minutes ago I had waited. It was a corpse. One of the Dead.”

Yes, a Zombie walks up to the check out window and drops a crumpled piece of paper and leaves. This alone is odd behavior because everyone knows that Zombies hunt endlessly until they are laid to rest or destoryed. After the Zombie leaves and the alarm turns off Eleanor snatches the note.

Mystery Note:
I can’t come. Trouble in New York has caught up with me. Don’t tell Moma-it will only worry her. And you shouldn’t worry either. If I do what he needs, I can come home.
-Elijah (her brother)
This note came at an inopportune time due to their father’s death  and money being tight.  Elenor and her mom were counting on Elijah coming home and helping out finanically. To make matters worse her mother had already planned a welcome home party for Elijah and could not uninvite people so the last of the money was spent. Among the guest list are the Wilcoxes who happen to be quite wealthy and her mom has been hinting at Eleanor catching Clarence’s eye.Now the cool thing about this world is that seance’s were regular party entertainment which I have to say was a cool twist. Yes, I did a happy dance when I saw that this book was going to have a dark twist in it with spirits.


This event suddenly becomes something more than just a show. A spirit slithered into the room as her mom was calling for her father. Her mom thought it was her father’s spirit and so invited him in, but it was something far darker.

Elenor and Clarence were the only ones who could tell that something was off and wrong about the spirit. At this point my stomach dropped just like when the Ringwraiths showed up in The Lord of the Rings. This spirit does not bode well for things to come.

To make matters worse Eleanor sneaks out to see what Clarence is up to and finds a secret meeting with him and a mysterious man. She is caught before she could get back to the party. In order to keep Eleanor quiet he feels the need to “court” her. This attention from him causes discomfort between her and a few other girls. Which leaves her to once again stand on her own feet while finding help.

The help comes in an unlikely package in the Machinery Hall at the International Centennial Exhibition.

“The Spirit Hunters. Hired to protect. That was my answer!”

Meet and Greet Time!

Eleanor Fitt

“You’re an empress with grit and brains…”

Meet the mysterious girl from the cover of the book. Eleanor is the one who has been holding her family together since her dad passed and Elijah went to college. She manages the household accounts while making sure everything is running smoothly. But when her brother fails to show up on the train she gets thrown from one bad situation to another. In order to find out what has happened to her brother she must team up with the Spirit Hunters. This puts her in harms way more than once.Daniel Sheridan

“Please forgive Mr. Sheridan. I am afraid he works better with machines than with people.”

I dubbed him the ‘Mad Scientist.’ The one thing this picture is missing are his goggles that he wears when he works.
I always think of his hair sticking up everywhere and his clothing un-tucked in some places. Daniel and Eleanor can’t seem to decide if they annoy each other or like each other. I enjoyed his character throughout. I thought that his rough around the edges appearance and personality were endearing.
Clarence Wilcox

He would be Alison’s rich, very eligible brother. He has just come home from 2 years of college. He is around Eleanor’s brother, Elijah’s age. He seems to be tied up in his fathers past and is trying to break free. Due to Eleanor spying on him they team up to find answers under the disguise of courting. I really didn’t like him at first but as time went on I found he had some redeeming qualities.

* I know there are more characters but I just wanted to give you a taste. If you want more you must read it!

We see that things are becoming more then Eleanor can handle; lack of money, lost brother, and scary spirit. We also get to see the Steampunk twist come into play with the Spirit Hunters.

My final thoughts on  Something Strange and Deadly would be to give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that when dealing with zombies always…

“Aim for the knees.”

Thank you to H.D. Dodson for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.


4 thoughts on “ARC Review : Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

  1. Seriously kickass review! I can tell you took your time to make it perfect! You've got me really anxious to read this one. Thank goodness it is coming up in my queue!

  2. Thanks Kara! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  3. stowersd says:

    1) Thank you for taking the time to read my book and participate in the ARC tour. There are literally not enough thank yous in the world to show my appreciation.2) I am so, so, SO glad you enjoyed the book!!! You're my first review with GIFs!! This makes me inordinately happy. Especially since the GIFs are so awesome. ❤

  4. […] like to direct you to another review from the SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY ARC Tour over at The Book Slayer, who says, “This book rated right up there with Divergent and […]

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