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May 25, 2012 by thebookslayer

Hosted by Crystal @ Reading Between the Wines
Do you feel the need to write a review for your personal reads, as opposed to requested reviews, or are there some books you read just for the joy of reading?
My Answer:
I don’t know if I really have a certain recipe for when to write a review or not. I have read more books than I have reviewed. To be honest I am up to 110 books read so far this year which is way too many reviews for me to keep up with.  Most of the books that I have reviewed are from personal reads. As far as requested reviews I have only accepted books to that sound interesting to me.  Which makes it easier to review, usually. 
 Reading is a passion and the minute it stops being one due to the stress of reviews is the day I stop doing them.  I look at it this way: I am spending my personal free time to do this, therefore if I stop enjoying it then why waste my that time.

My question to you is do you feel the need to share a review or rant of a book you were sadly disappointed in? 


12 thoughts on “18 and Over Blogger Follow

  1. Fiona Druce says:

    I've read a number of responses to this meme and the overwhelming nature of reviewing has come up quite a bit!I think that's the difficulty in being a dedicated reviewer: the line between enjoyment and payless job. Yes, it's a reward to share the book, but at the same time, it takes a lot out of us to write these reviews! Time out of our day which often involves kids, jobs, schools, etc.. We do this to share our enjoyment of the books, but we still have to enjoy it, ourselves. "I am spending my personal free time to do this, therefore if I stop enjoying it then why waste that time."Sooo true. Once we lose that enjoyment, we lose the edge that made our reviews valid, to begin with. We're sharing our enjoyment.If it isn't there, then what are we actually doing?

  2. Very True. I think that sometimes Authors forget that we are giving up our personal time to do this just like they did when they wrote the book. It's a two way street. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Jet says:

    Love your answer! After I read a book I find writing a review for it to be relaxing and getting all my feelings about it out is fulfilling for me, though it is very true that the day I stop feeling that way is the day I stop doing them :)Even books I didn't like I write a review for (most of the time) If it is a book I didn't finish however I don't write a review.

  4. Tena says:

    amazing… 110 books!!!Can't wait to see what your number is come the end of the year!!Good for you

  5. I don't know about rant, but if I don't like a book, i like to share why. I think it's important to say why I didn't like a book. I do try to make sure that I explain my more negative ratings… Book Savvy Babe

  6. Momma Bird says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @ Jet – Thanks! I do think that letting people know why you were unable to finish a book can be helpful. But that being said I have not done that with all the books I put under that shelf. @ Tena – Thanks so much for stopping by. My goal is 270 for this year and so we will see. I haven't re-read books yet so my number is true, unlike last year I had re-read a few of the books more then once but they only counted one time.@ Book Savvy Babe – I do try to not rant. To be honest I have over 700 ratings and 293 reviews written. Only 2 of those have rant-like reviews and I just could not hold back. Those were also books I bought with my own money and feel that the wasted money def. compounded the problem. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Neyra says:

    I gotta agree, and I'm sad to say that's why I've been so stressed lately, but that's my fault. I took on way too much, having very little time. I still haven't given up on reading, I love it, but it's become overwhelming for me, and I'm hoping by the end of this week I stop with all this nonsense and just go back to reading for the fun of it, instead of trying to review always, I barely have time anymore since I started working, and the baby, and family, just very little fun time 😦 Lol I love your answer 😀DarkestAddictions

  9. Oh I agree. Once it stops being fun and just stressful I'll stop doing reviews. Readings something I enjoy and I can't imagine ruining it by making it too much of a job. I review books I didn't like right along with those I loved. I try to be fair about it though and explain why I didn't care for it.

  10. Claire says:

    Great answer. That's so true reading is a passion and I never want to lose that passion so if reviews ever took over reading I would give it up too.Here is mine if you get chance to stop be Claire's Book CornerHave a great weekend.

  11. Ana♥ says:

    I think its great you've read so many books, especially given the fact that its only May! well, nearly June… lol. As for the reviews, I agree, once reviewing starts feeling like a chore/job, then its time to turn in your time card and get a pay check 😉 My answer to your Q: I do feel the need to share a review/rant on a book I was sadly disappointed in. There are readers out there who do care about a reviewers thoughts, so if you disliked it, I think you should state so. And no, I wouldn't consider it bashing the author. Thanks for stopping by & following ya back :)Ana♥

  12. Em says:

    Agree with you. Here is the thing for me, I follow a lot of blogs/gr readers that have similar interests. If I pay for a book and am severly disappointed than I tend to post a review reflecting that although I do try to find something positive to say. Most of the time I enjoy everything I buy but once in awhile it does'nt work.

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