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May 8, 2012 by thebookslayer

Top Ten Favorite Quotes from Books

This was so hard. I have hundreds of favorite quotes. I decided to go with some books that are not as well known. I do have to say that I didn’t put any Harry Potter quotes b/c I figured many people would, but I do love all the books and have tons of quotes from them.

Magic Study (Study #2)
“He made a weak attempt to look innocent, but I knew better. 
“Should I guess how many concealed weapons you have or should I strip search you?”

“A strip search is the only way to be absolutely certain.”
 Valek’s deep blue eyes danced with delight.” 

You Slay Me
“What do you know about dragons?”
“They’re big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized
 small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
His grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.” 

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Jaz Parks, #1)
“I pictured Cupid sitting in a crappy little bar, drunk and depressed, while he moaned to the bartender, “That Jasmine Parks, gods, she pisses me off! Did you see what she just did? Totally blew off this immortal stud to play kiss-the-boo-boo with a fickle little rent-a-cop. Why? ‘Cause she’s the biggest chickenshit on the planet! I’m ready to toss my bow and pick up a bazooka!” 

Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid #3)
“What kind of sick bastard burns down a Christmas tree?”
Hugh and I exchanged glances. “That’s an excellent question,” I said dryly.
Peter looked startled. “Was it you?” he asked Hugh.
“No,” said the imp. “It was Carter.”
“Your Christmas tree was burned down by an angel?” asked Cody.
“Yup. The irony isn’t lost on me” 

Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2)
“How much are you lifting?”
“Seven hundred.”
Alrighty then. I will just stand over here, 
out of your way, and hope you don’t remember to kick my ass.
He grinned. “Wanna spot me?”
“No thanks. How about I just scream verbal encouragements at you?” I took a deep breath and barked, “No pain, no gain! That pain is just weakness leaving your body! Come on! Push! Push! Make that weight your bitch!” 

Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3)
“His Majesty needs a can-I girl anyway. And I’m not it.”
“A can-I girl?” Andrea frowned. 
I leaned back. “‘Can I fetch your food, Your Majesty? Can I tell you how strong and mighty you are, Your Majesty? Can I pick your fleas, Your Majesty? Can I kiss your ass, Your Majesty? Can I…” It dawned on me that Raphael was sitting very still. Frozen, like a statue, his gaze fixed on the point above my head. “He’s standing behind me, isn’t he?” Andrea nodded slowly.

“Technically it should be ‘may I’,” Curran said, his voice deeper than I remembered. “Since you’re asking for permission.” Why me? “To answer your question, yes, you may kiss my ass. Normally I prefer maintain my personal space, but you’re a Friend of the Pack and your services have proven useful once or twice. I strive to accommodate the wishes of persons friendly to my people. My only question is, would kissing my ass be obeisance, grooming, or foreplay?” 

Bloodfever (Fever, #2)
“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.” 

Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, #4)
“Seeing him was like being hit in the chest. Like something exploding inside her, a quick ravenous fire that made her shiver. So bright and hot it still amazed her that no one else seemed to notice it, that every eye in the place didn’t turn to her while she went incandescent.” 

Make Me, Sir (Masters of the Shadowlands, #5)
“She couldn’t take her eyes from the dancing flame. No, this was so wrong. Candles should be used for meditation…for romance. Or on a birthday cake at least.
So where was the cake? The present? The song? As he stepped closer to her—as the damned flame got way too close—she started singing. “Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me…” Marcus paused, looking at her in disbelief. See. I knew he didn’t have a sense of humor. “Happy birthday, dear Gabi”—she lifted her head and blew out the candle—“happy birthday to me.” 

Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3)
“I’m just wondering how exactly I went from being the Spider to the Robin fucking Hood of the greater Ashland area… Instead of stealing from the rich, I’m stabbing them to death for the poor.” 

I hope you have enjoyed a taste of a few of my favorite quotes. Feel free to share your favorite quote or book it is out of.

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. Fabulous quotes – and if there was something that was going to convince me to finally pick up Ilona Andrews' series, these quotes would definitely do it!Also – the Cherise Sinclair quote – makes me laugh every time. Love her writing, and her characters. Thanks for your list!My list is:

  2. Great quotes! I haven't read any of those book (yet) but I like the quotes a lot, Thanks for dropping by my Top10 :D-Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  3. @lostinagreatbook – Thanks. I love the Kate Daniels series and feel there are great quotes and dynamics because it is written by a husband and wife team. I hope you pick them up and enjoy them. :o) I do also love Cherise Sinclair. If there is one author I love introducing people to it's her. I find her books are excellent and different from all the others in that area. Thanks for stopping by.@Miss Kimberly – Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed my quotes. It was so hard to pick from the hundreds I have.

  4. marissa says:

    ooh I haven't read that Richelle Mead book but the quote totally makes me want to. off to add it to my to-read list!marissa

  5. Ann Kristin says:

    Great quotes! The Ilona Andrews quotes convinced me I need to check out her books. 🙂

  6. Fara says:

    Haha. Love the one you took from Succubus Dreams. Awesome list! :DDrop by my Top 10?

  7. These are fun! Love them, I love a bit of humour in a dark situation.My TTT is a bit mixed.

  8. Thanks for stopping by earlier.I haven't read any of these, but it's always fun to get a little teaser. I love all the dark/sarcastic comments from characters. I might need to check some of these out. Laura @ The Traveling Owl

  9. Tara says:

    I think I've actually only read one of these books – but these quotes are brilliant! I like that you obviously have a dark sense of humour! My Top Ten Tuesday

  10. Amy J says:

    LOVE those quotes from Ilona Andrews…oh and Barrons…Love them all!

  11. Nina says:

    Love quotes 1, 3, 4 and 7! I haven't read the other books, but it looks like I might have to change that!:)

  12. Anna says:

    I love the quote from Succubus Dreams. LOL! I miss that series!

  13. @Marissa – yes you should add the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead. She just published the last book last summer I believe and the whole series was excellent. I think you would like it.@Ann Krisin – Thanks for stopping by. I love the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. As I stated above I think it might be that great b/c it is written by a husband and wife duo so you really get a feel for both sides.@ Fara – What can I say great minds think alike!@ Katija – I thought humor would be fun to do. I started with series quotes but thought, "Hey why not make people laugh with this one." Glad you enjoyed.@ Laura (The traveling Owl)- you check out these books. I actually have tons of fun quotes from all of them and it was hard to narrow it down. Hope you enjoy.@ Tara – Yes, I do have a dark sense of humor. lol Glad to see someone else who enjoys it as well. :o)

  14. @ Anna – Yea another Valek fan! I think Valek and Yelena are one of my favorite couples when it comes to books. :o) Did you read 'Touch of Power'?@ Amy J – lol I just could not help but put a Kate Daniels/Curran quote in. Plus Barrons was an automatic yes. So many quotes so little room. Glad you enjoyed.@ Nina – Thanks for stopping by. You should check out Katie MacAlister her books are full of non-stop laughter. Ilona Andrews is a winner as well. Totally Kick-butt characters! Okay I love them all. lol @ Anna – I miss the Georgina Kincaid series as well. I loved it and was sad to see it end. BUt I have to say I did love the last book. I thought it was the best one out of all of them. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Isn't that Succubus Dreams quote fantastic?! I love that whole bunch of characters. 🙂 And that Magic Study quote!!! I want to reread that series now. 🙂

  16. Kate says:

    Great picks! I'm especially happy because I've read eight of these and love them all 🙂 Both your Kate Daniels quotes are among my favorites, and the one where Carter burns down the Christmas tree is priceless! Love it!Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Pepca says:

    Interesting quotes! I loved number 7.

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