ARC Review : Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep


May 7, 2012 by thebookslayer

Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep

Release Date: May 29th

Dark Frost (Mythos Academy, #3)
Rated :  

Recommendation : If you enjoyed the first two books than this one will be a treat. If you haven’t read the first two you might be lost throughout. I would recommend starting at the beginning.

This series is one of my favorites for the YA genre. First of all it is one of the only books that I know that has Spartans in it. I mean come on think 300 and apply that to teenage boys. Yup it works for me. But there is more than that. All kinds from Spartans,Amazons, Vikings,Valkyries, Romans, Ninjas, Samurais etc.

Think 300!

“Logan had a different reaction. He actually smiled, and a fierce light began to burn in his eyes. Spartans were a little freaky in that they actually loved to fight, especially since they were the best warriors at Mythos-or anywhere else.”




Gwen happens to be rare in the fact that she comes from a gypsy heritage. Not only that but her matriarchal line has been gifted by Nike. Her Grandmother can see the future. She has psychometry magic. She can touch objects and pick up the feelings that the owner had or where it has been and what is has been used for. She can also experience parts of people’s lives when she touches them. This gift is actually is useful at her school, Mythos Academy, in finding lost items. But this and more is explained in the first book. I want to dive into the third book. Now this book was even more awesome than the last book.

Within the first few chapters we jump into a fight with the Reapers of Chaos. It was bloody intense literally. People were mowed over, slaughtered left and right at the museum. So much for completing a school assignment they had, they must put into practice what they have been taught just to survive.

“Now, figures wearing long, black hooded robes stormed through the coliseum-and they all carried sharp, curved swords.”

“But the most frightening things about him was the mask. A rubber mask covered the Reaper’s face from his forehead all the way down to his neck, completely hiding his features.”

 This reminded me of the Death Eaters in Harry Potter.


Leading the assault is none other than Chaos’s champion who also happens to be her mothers murderer. Yes bloody intense would be exactly right!

This book would not actually be a book if Gwen didn’t survive because we need her to find the Helheim Dagger.

“…where my mom, Grace, had hidden the dagger before she’d been murdered-or how I was supposed to find it before the Reapers did.”

Even though the fight was brutal her and her friends made it, more or less. We do find out what Daphne’s gift is when it manifests to save Carson. Let’s just say that things between them are on a rocky road for a while.

After the attack Gwen shares the paper that slipped out of Chaos’s Champion’s hand with her friends and teachers from school. It happens to be a map of the school’s library which is so huge it would take years to comb through it entirely. This puts everyone on alert that a plan to break into school will most likely happen and that people are probably already planted there. Students get to come back from winter break at the same time. Gwen and Nickamedes still seem to be the same old same old, but it is escaladed by Logan (Nickamedes’s nephew) breaking it off with Gwen. Words are thrown at each other and Gwen walks away from Nickamedes while crying. But she is in for a surprise.

Nott the Fenrir wolf she saved from the second book shows up out of the blue and ends up staying with Gwen in the dorm. The surprise doesn’t end there. Nott is actually pregnant. This leaves the book with  a bitter sweet ending.


Gwen is approached by a fellow student, Vivian to find her ring that went missing. This ends up being harder than Gwen suspected and the answers end up biting her in the butt.

Preston escapes from the prison he has been in and things really start to spiral out of control. Her Grandmother is attacked by him as he had promised in the second book. They are unable to catch Preston which means the race is on to find the Dagger.

Gwen learns more about what she is made of in this book and who will stand by her no matter what. You will get to see a softer side of that cranky librarian Nickamedes and his history. Logan has to decide if he wants to be with Gwen and have her know all his secrets or if he would rather hold on to that part of him than hold on to her. Daphne also needs to accept her gift or let it go. Nott must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save Gwen, but not before a certain God breaks free. Yes, chaos will reign and I can only hope that I get to read an ARC of the next book.

I will leave you with a funny quote from Gwen:

“Yep, tragic loss and epic failure definitely seemed to be the stories of my life.”

Sit back, relax and go for a ride on the Gwen Train to Chaos. The ride will be well worth it! 



2 thoughts on “ARC Review : Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep

  1. Hi:) What an awesome review you wrote!!! Thank you for sharing!! I also enjoyed this book a lot!! Logan is so sexy!!! Lol. Already looking forward to the next book! Thanks for stopping by my post today!!:) Hope you both have a wonderful week!!:)

  2. Thanks. I don't think I can wait a year to read the next book. The ending was kinda of intense.

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