Review : Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton


April 27, 2012 by thebookslayer

Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton

Tempted (Eternal Guardians, #3)
Rated :  
Recommendation : If you enjoyed Zsadist’s story from BDB then give this one a try. It has the same sort of feel to it. If you liked the first two books of the Eternal Guardians series then you will like this as well.
“Demetrius who we are is not a result of where we come from. It’s the combination of what we do and how we live that determines who we are.”
We dive head first into Isadora’s wedding day. That’s right I believe this was man number 3 that she has to marry since the other 2 found their soul mates. But Isadora goes missing. Everyone thinks that she ran away again but this is not true. She was kidnapped by her lady’s maid and brought to Atlanta, who reminds me of Malevolent from Sleeping Beauty, so she can cast a spell on her. While the Argonauts are trying to figure out how she left she is being prepared for this spell.

Now I know you are all wondering what this spell is that Atlanta is casting. Don’t worry I will tell you. She is casting a fertility spell on Isadora. This is all so that Atlanta can create the her own chosen one. Before the Argonauts can get to her in time the spell is cast and Atlanta sends both Isadora and Demetrius to their own private island. This island ends up being where all the mythical creatures have been sent too. In order to survive they have to work together. Will they manage to get along or will they kill each other? If they do get along can Demetrius manage to keep from fulfilling Atlanta’s wish?

Side Notes:

* Loved how we get to see the real Isadora. She was quiet and shy in the first book. You see her grow a little in the second book, but this one you get to see her shine.

* Demetrius reminded me of Zsadist from the BDB series. Dark past, scars from abuse, and the whole don’t fuck with me attitude to tie it all together. We do however learn that Demetrius is more than just an Argonaut. He has some deep dark secrets that must be overcome for him to give himself completely to Isadora.


* I think Orpheus became my new favorite character. His love and concern for not only Isadora but his brother was nice to see. Plus he is quite funny throughout all the books so far.

* I thought that Isadora and Demetrius’s story felt a little rushed and topsy turvy. Since this one felt like Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward  I could not give it more than 4 stars esp. since Lover Awakened is my favorite of the BDB series.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend reading it. I thought there was plenty of surprises to keep me guessing mixed with  hot & steamy scenes. 


    Will I give him more??? Then I call my best friend and tell her.



2 thoughts on “Review : Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton

  1. Joannamaz says:

    I shall have a look at this. Thank you

  2. Amanda says:

    perfect, I just finished Zsadist's story from Bdb. thanks for the review!!Found your site through the making connections group on goodreads and am now a follower of you!! Hope you will consider checking out my blog as well!!-Amanda G

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