18 & Over Book Blogger Follow # 26


April 27, 2012 by thebookslayer

Hosted by Crystal @ Reading Between the Wines
Question of the Week: We all know that in romance, authors each have their own unique phrases when referring to those special man and lady bits or the act of those bits getting together. 😉 What is one or a few of the silliest phrases you have read?
My Answer:
I have to say that I have read some funny ones. The hard part is trying to recall the ones that I have read. I have no idea why a cock can’t be called a cock and a pussy a pussy but authors typically don’t write that way. 
1 Instance:This is one I would not want to read in a book and just makes me cringe. Thank you Katiebabs for sharing.

Katiebabs can be found at:Blog / Twitter / Goodreads
Really it’s hard to remember them all but I can think of several instances with reading about a woman’s honey dew. Honestly I need to write these down b/c some are just so insane you would not believe it other wise. But I have not kept track so I thank  you Katiebabs for twittering about fist peen’s so I may share. 
What about you? Have you read any funny terms? If so please share the love & laughs.


7 thoughts on “18 & Over Book Blogger Follow # 26

  1. Madame D says:

    *falls off chair* What is he doing to her?? tearing her birthing canal. Poor woman, hope it was worth it. lol

  2. In the words of Despicable Me's cute lil minion… WHAAAAAAT? LOL!!! That's just… wrong… so wrong!! >.<

  3. KB/KT Grant says:

    I'm honored. *raises fistpenis high in the air*

  4. that just aint right….seriously?!!Sharonda

  5. Kah Cherub says:

    Oh, Gods. Ouch. LOL!! I'll start to keep track of those, too. Too many werid ones. I remember reading abot his 'pego' or something like that. O.o

  6. C.S. Maxwell says:

    OMG—FIST PENIS? Seriously???? I'd hate to come face to cock with that one, lol. And the first one about tearing into her????? Avoid that asshole, too 🙂

  7. Fistpenis? lmao That just sounds painful! WTH? lolThanks for participating in the follow!

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