Review : The Saint by Monica McCarty


April 4, 2012 by thebookslayer

The Saint by Monica McCarty

The Saint (Highland Guard, #5)
Rated : 
To start off I just have to say that this book kept me on my feet and guessing. People die, relationships fail and some relationships build an unbreakable bond! Yet another great addition to the Highland Guards series!
Recommend: Anyone who has read the first 4 books will enjoy this book as well. If you haven’t read any you can either:
 a) start reading at the beginning of the series with the book The Chief 
 b) pick up this book and start in the middle of the series. 
I recommend going with option a)  but you can go with option b) .  It will still be a great read but won’t be as satisfying because you don’t know what has taken place in the past or how relationships have evolved.

The Highlands : Lets take a look
Magnus MacKay has known all his life who his enemies/rivals were the hated Sutherlands. The one time a year that all clans got together to compete against each other and show off their strengths were during the Highland Games. This also happened to be when Magnus MacKay meet and fell in love with Helen Sutherland. Due to the on-going feud between the clans their secret meetings were few and far between, yet somehow love blossomed. One fateful day during Magnus’s last Highland Game fate decided to throw a wrench in their plans. 

Magnus beat Donald Munro (champion of the Sutherlands). Donald vows revenge and Magnus is off to propose to the only girl he wants, Helen. While Magnus and Helen were meeting after this feat her brother Kenneth shows up and heads roll. Okay, not literally but if they could they would have killed each other. Helen must decide if she is going to marry Magnus and forsake her family or if she was going to go home and forsake Magnus. Those who have read this serious know that Magnus is not married and therefore things went very wrong. Helen walked away from him. 

Fast forward 3 years later and William Gordan, Magnus’s brother from another mother, is getting married to his betrothed. Yes, the one and only Helen Sutherland. Magnus, also known as The Saint amongst the Highland Guards, is anything but calm and collected during his first meeting with Helen after 3 years. Sparks fly, tempers flare and secrets surface. Will Helen marry William? Will all hell break out if  Magnus and Helen do get back together? Ultimately can they ever forgive what has happened in the past to live and love in the present?
Side Notes:
* This book was a whorl-wind of emotions. I can’t believe the heartbreak that we go through as readers throughout this book and yet I loved it. It brought home the fact that we can never take for granted what we have. Seize The Day is definitely the motto of this book along with Love Can Conquer All.
* We get to see both of Helen’s brothers, William and Kenneth stretch and grow. I loved having William and Muriel’s story in this book as well. It added an extra touch of sweetness and hope.
* Kenneth grew on my as well and I am excited to see where this will lead. 
* Lets not forget about Helen’s fascination with birthing animals. This side of her cracked me up when she said she had brought it up when she was sewing with other women. 
Lets not forget about…
 Magnus MacKay or The Saint
Yes he did make my Bad*ss Hall of Fame Shelf!
Now you know a little about the book and somethings I enjoyed in it as well. It’s your turn to go out and read/imagine your Saint! 

Happy Reading!

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