Review : Witchful Thinking by H.P. Mallory


March 15, 2012 by thebookslayer

Witchful Thinking by H.P. Mallory

This might be your cup of tea but it was not mine. This is painful to say because I was really looking forward to reading this book. I have heard great things about the author and the first two books of this series are on my to read list. 

Recommend: This book reminded me of Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley and The Orchid Affair by Lauren Willig with the writing style. If you enjoyed these books then you might like this one. It starts in the present and flashes to the past, I mean like hundreds of years difference. 

I want to start out and say that I love the cover of this book. I think it is cute and sassy. I thought that Jolie Wilkins was that kind of girl and maybe for some of you she is. However, her character left me confused and saddened. 

Shouldering onward 
Love the beginning. I was so excited when we met Rand. Talk about hot man. Tall dark and handsome. 

Rand,Mr.British Hottie, walks into Jolie and Christa’s to have a reading. Jolie can see a person’s aura and Rand has a blazing blue one. He asks for a reading and she takes out the cards but he wants specific’s about his future. She says that all she can do is see auras. She then proceeds to inform him on his aura. I could feel the pull between Rand and Jolie. It was great. I kept thinking, “Yes, we get to watch them fall in love over time.” But instead I got information overload. Years and important events were summed up. I felt confused and discombobulated. By the time we got back to the story between Rand and Jolie we get shifted back to the past through Jolie’s journal entries. I kept up reading though hoping that we would see an end to the past and come back to the present. We did hit the present and then back to the past with journal entries. This pattern kept repeating. The whole time Jolie is trying to keep a secret from Rand about her past and consequently his. Throw in a love triangle with Sinjin a vampire and we have our opposing forces. <sigh>

Will Jolie trust Rand with her secret? Who will she pick Rand or Sinjin? What is going to happen with her being the Queen of the Underworld? (I forgot to mention that she becomes this during the information overload.) 

Besides going back and forth with present and past I think the ending really confused me the most. We wind up at the beginning of the book. We were still asking ourselves the same questions. 

Overall I give it a 2 out of 5. It was okay but I am not going to write home about it. For me it was just a writing style issue. I have a hard time with all books written this way so it is not necessarily the author. I am still looking forward to the first two books since they are not written this way. 

Thank you netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book to review.



2 thoughts on “Review : Witchful Thinking by H.P. Mallory

  1. Book Slave says:

    Hi there 🙂 just popping in from Goodreads… You have a great blog :)Thanks for the informative review, I now know what to expect if I do pick the book up.I'm also your newest follower!Here is my blog to check out: Book Enslaved

  2. Thanks. Gottcha Followed! ;0)

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