Review : Angelfall by Susan Ee

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February 21, 2012 by thebookslayer

Angelfall by Susan Ee

Rated : 5/5 Stars *****

Wow !!! That was amazing. I need the next book in this series now! 

Recommend:Everyone! Angel’s vs. Demons, Heaven and Hell, Good vs. Evil!!! Awesome Characters and plenty of action. There might even be a “cat fight!” What more could you want? 

My Emotions During This Book: 

I Loved so many things about this book let me start: 

*It was very original. I loved that it was post apocalypse but it seemed reasonable. People fighting people, gangs, militias banding together. Survivalists eat your heart out with a paranormal twist. 

*Penryn was awesome. Tough but still vulnerable. She is able to rise above her upbringing to do the right thing. I pictured her as Alex in the TV Show Nikita. 

*Raffe got added to one of my favorite male Angel characters. I loved watching him slowly melt that cold hard shell around his heart. This is one of those cases where effort is worth the outcome. Come on who doesn’t want a sexy bad*ss angel. I thought it was interesting that he is Raphael  and was sent to track down all the fallen and their offspring . Then he falls for a Daughter of Man 
The way I picture Raffe: 

Alex Scarsgard 


That Equals One Sexy Raffe! 

* Dee-Dum were my favorite comic relief! These twins reminded me of the Weasley Twins from Harry Potter. You know what I am talking about. I mean taking beats and throwing the matches. 

Things that made me sad: 

*When Raffe’s sword refused to give allegiance to him. It broke his heart and mine. Stupid black razor wings . Thank goodness the sword likes Penryn. 

*When poor Raffe had to watch his enemy wear his beautiful wings. 

*Paige being turned into one of those ” little demons”. Poor thing and I will just say it, it is kind of gross!

*Last but not least is watching Raffe mourn for Penryn and thinking she is dead . No!!!! It is Lord of the Rings all over again with Frodo and that nasty big spider. <shudders> 

The only bad thought I had was , I don’t want to wait till the next one comes out. I want to read it now! 

Must Read People! 


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