Review : Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

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February 20, 2012 by thebookslayer

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

Rated: 4.5/5 Stars ****

Julia Quinn is one of my favorite authors for Historical Romance. I adore her Bridgertons Series and the recent Smythe-Smith Quartet. 

I gave this book 4.5 Stars. I really, really liked it and was on the verge of loving it, but it just isn’t as good as the Bridgertons Series in my opinion. It is still a great one to read and would definitely recommend it. 

Recommend: This is a great book for those who love Historical Romance. It is the perfect book to take to the lake or curled up in a comfy chair by a warm fire during winter. 

Before I get to the things I enjoyed about this book I just have to say that the main character, Annabel Winslow reminded me of Elizabeth Bennett in the 1995 movie Pride and Prejudice. They even seem to both have quick whit and are honest in all things to a fault. 


Now I thought I would do this review a little different in honor of the way Annabel would list things off from one to ten during the book. 

Ten things I Liked about this book : 

One: Annabel Winslow is a strong female character who speaks her mind, but unfortunately has a desperate need to marry someone who can provide for her brothers and sisters. This leads into Two: a strong indepentley wealthy or at least well off Mr. Sebastian Grey who Three: secretly writes novels which is one of my favorite parts of his character because Four: he writes absurd romance novels under the pen name Sarah Gorely who Five:everyone loves except Grey’s cousin, Harry. This part really made me laugh. He likes Grey but can’t stand his books, not that he knows that Grey wrote them. All of this means that Six: Annabel thinks she still must marry Lord Newbury which just happens to be Sebastian’s Uncle. This made my skin crawl. However, Seven: thanks to her wonderful cousin Louisa, who is the voice of reason during the whole book and let’s not forget she is absolutely lovable and strong willed as well, keeps her from marrying Newbury even though Eight: her Grandmother insists she must. But she comes to Annabel’s aid at the end when Nine: Lord Newbury seems to croak in Annabel’s room attacking her and Annabel, Sebastian ,and her Grandmother decide to put him in her Grandmother’s room to keep the scandal on her. But don’t worry he ends up not being dead which is hilarious and her Grandmother tells him off which means Ten: Annabel and Sebastian get their happily ever after. Which made me feel Eleven: all warm and fuzzy inside. 

I am not as good as Julia Quinn, but I had fun and hopefully you enjoyed it as well. 


The one reason I could not give it a 5 out of 5 was…. I just felt like something was off during the whole book. I know, that doesn’t really help anyone, but it is how I felt. It just seemed to be a half beat out of step. 


Alright, I couldn’t help it. I love the Big Bang Theory and just had to add it. 

Quotes I Adored 

“I can imagine no greater bliss than to lie about, reading novels all day.” 

“Don’t tell me your name. It’s likely to awaken my conscience, and that’s the last thing we want.” 

To sum it up, I enjoyed this book. It was fun to read a book that the author chose to count things out. I have never read another book like it and loved that part. It was a pleasant surprise. 



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