Review : To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell

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February 18, 2012 by thebookslayer

To The Moon and Back by Jill Mansell

Rated : 4/5 Stars ****

really, really enjoyed this book even though I spent most of it crying my eyes out. 

Recommend: Anyone who loved the movie ‘Ps. I Love You, will love this book. It is along the same lines and happy endings for all. 

Keep tissues close 

My Background and why the book hit home for me: 
I know I have mentioned in other reviews that my Hubby had almost died 3 weeks after we are married, but I think that once you know that here it makes sense why this book caused so many tears for me. I will never forget when he grabbed my hand (his eyes were swollen shut and he could barely breathe) and told me he loved me and to tell his mom that he loved her. He went on to flat-line and they about put a trachea in him. Finally he started breathing 8 epi pens later and lots of work from the Doctor’s and Nurses. I didn’t lose him as Ellie did her husband in this book, but I have been in a hospital in the ICU feeling shaken and wondering why me, why him. Those who haven’t I am sure are still touched by this book, but those who have will have those images resurface during this book. 

Now on to better things: 
*I loved the opening scene with Ellie and Jamie. I mean you had 4 pages to fall in love with Jamie and wow did I ever,Sweet man.You could not help but feel the love Ellie had for him. 

*I loved how Ellie was able to see and talk to Jamie throughout the whole book. I thought it was just as cute as in the movie P.S. I love you when she gets letters from her husband that has passed away. 

*I absoluetly adored Tony. Really, he was an essential character. The book would not have been the same without him exactly as he was. He is the Father-in-law every girl would love to have. I was so happy to see that he and Martha finally got together at the end. 

*I can’t forget Zack and his dog Elmo. Although, the whole time I kept picturing the Elmo from Sesame Street character instead of a dog. Zack was the perfect man. <sigh> 

Things I had to skim: 
*I don’t like reading about cheating husbands. I know Niall got what was coming to him at the end, but I had to skim a lot of his part because I just can’t stomach it. That was sad for me because even though I wanted to shake Roo I did love her character. 

*I know it’s not a skim, but I wanted Todd and Roo’s relationship to hurry up. They were so sweet together. I loved their ending!!! 

Favorite Quotes: 
“It was starting to concern her, just slightly, that it wasn’t quite normal to be doing what she’d been doing for the last year. Because Jamie wasn’t here anymore. And he wasn’t a ghost either. All she did was conjure up a mental image of him in her mind, talk to him and have him talk back as if he were real.” 

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you. One way or another you were always out of reach… I think I’m in love with you… Actually no, that’s not true. I know I am.” 

Overall, it was a great read. I did cry a lot but I loved how everything worked out for the best in the end for all parties. 

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