Review : Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

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February 15, 2012 by thebookslayer

Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

Rated : 5/5 Stars *****

Holy Cow! That was really intense, I loved it. I felt like I was riding Drop Zone at Kings Island. I practically spent most summers at Kings Island. Anyone from that area knows what I am talking about. For all of you who haven’t been there here are some pictures. 


Passengers free fall down 264-feet. Once released, gravity accelerates the circular 30-foot wide passenger vehicle to a maximum speed of 67 miles-per-hour! It is awesome! 

In Meeting Destiny the anticipation built and then Bam I was free falling. The end really took me by surprise. But I am getting ahead of myself. 

Before I start in on the things I enjoyed about this book I wanted to say Thank you to Nancy Straight for writing a book with the Main Male Character being an EMT. I think these people are over looked often, but do so much. If it weren’t for EMT’s my Hubby would have died 3 weeks after we got married. I thank you men and women from the bottom of my heart. 


Now on to the book review. 

Things I liked: 

*I liked how people go through their life looking for their soul mate. Some people have dreams and some stumble around in the dark for a while. Don’t worry there are “people” making sure it all works out. 

*I liked how Lauren was a strong willed, honest main character. It seemed like most people could relate to her. I was so glad to see her dump Seth. He is a great guy but they weren’t comparable in that way. In the words of Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy “You’re my person.” In Lauren’s world Seth is her person, just not the type of person he wants to be. We can’t help who we fall in love with! 

*I loved Max. It had a Greys Anatomy feel to me. You know sexy man who saves you. Both are hot for each other etc. 

*I liked how Max switched jobs to become an EMT because he felt like it was a better course. Do what makes you happy in life is an important message for young people. It is okay to change your mind and take a different road. Sometimes that is what leads us to greater happiness. 


Not Sure: 
*There was tons of sexual frustration going on. Which on one hand was sweet that Max wanted to wait but I was starting to feel bad for Lauren. I am all about jumping feet first instead of dipping a toe in. 

Favorite Quotes: 
I felt the flush of embarrassment on my cheeks as I asked quietly, “Like,chemistry, a little?” 
Max stood still as a statue staring at me sitting almost straight up in my bed. His smile faded a little as he leaned into me and whispered, “You mean like this?” He softly slid his hand behind my head, pulling my lips up to his. Gentle at first, then increased intensity until I found that I had wrapped both my arms around him, wires protruding from every direction, and my entire body tingled. I grew lightheaded as he eased his face away from mine. He gently lowered my head back to my pillow and moved his hand to my face. Max traced my lips with his index finger. After a few outlines of my lips, he responded quietly. “Chemistry, huh? No, I hadn’t noticed.” His wide smile reappeared with a vengeance.  

“The jealous part of me hoped he was being called to help an old fat man.” 

“The physical therapist arrived at eight on the dot. Her name was Gretchen, but I liked to think of her as Ivan, Ivan the Terrible.” 

“Well, I guess it’s up to you. I think you have two options: Option 1- You can call her at work and aks her to coffee. Option 2- I guess I can borrow your car and try to stop a bank robber or something. If we get really lucky, I’ll get shot again, then she’ll definitely call you asking for another interview with me.” I could see Seth’s face flush a bright red when I continued, “I’ve got to say, given our second option, I would prefer you try calling her at work first to set up the coffee date.” 

“Lauren, I love you. I don’t know how I ever lived without you. I’m guessing that I probably wasn’t really living before you…” 

“You said we were only taking what we could carry on our backs – I’m not a pack mule!” 

Warning:I did not see the ending coming. Seriously it was a huge shocker. You are now forewarned to have the next book ready. You don’t want to look like this when you finish this book…. 


An excellent read overall. It is one I could re-read just to enjoy the growth of characters and intrigue. Don’t forget to purchase the next book with this one. The ending will drive you crazy till you do. 

Last but not least, Thank you to Nancy Straight for allowing me to have a copy for an honest review. 



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