Review: The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson

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February 1, 2012 by thebookslayer

Rated: 2/5 Stars **

I had mixed feeling about this book. It was a little better than okay for me. It gained half a point just from the last half of the book alone. The first half was really rough. I loved the ideas overall, but the execution was not the best I have read nor the worst. 

Okay to start off my review we shall have a demonstration. Please watch the clip below. 


Okay now you give it a try. You know what I mean, stand up and whip that hair back and forth. Come on just a few minutes of this. You know you want to. Okay… Times up. Are you feeling a little dizzy maybe some neck strain? 
Well that was the feeling I was getting overall with this book. Mental Whiplash from trying to follow to many stories from two different points of view. It is really hard to pull that off effectively. I understood what the author was going for but I felt she lost the affect by skipping the details. I would start to get interested and Bam! She completes the thought with one sentence inside of sharing the entire scene. 

Now on to the Baseball LoveFest. 

Abel goes up to bat and ohhh he strikes out with Pru. Not once but several times. 

Next up to bat is Pru herself. Oops she strikes out with Oakley. Not good people. No one is even getting to first base. 

Now we have Abel again and he yet again strikes out with Pru. But Abel’s sister Allie manages to hit a home run with Arien. Let’s make that several home runs or so she says. 

The man himself is trying to get to first with Pru and almost makes it. We got some kisses people! 
Oakley takes a turn batting and bam! He hits it and rounds on first base running with Pru. But wait the Alpha,her father, has got them out. 
Abel bats and finds a keeper in Chrissy. She is here to stay people. Oakley and Pru make at least one home run at least I am pretty sure they do. I was a little confused with the whole scene. 
Arien takes Pru to first base a couple of time and Bam! End of story! 

Sigh, now that I got that out of my system. Let’s take a look at theHighlights of the book. 

* Prudence is a respected member of her Pack and also the Alpha’s Daughter. She is also in the position to help Abe with his wolf. 

* Abel grew on me throughout the book. I was not a fan of his at the beginning of the book. It took till when he met Chrissy for me to like him. Maybe it was because he kept hoping it would work out with Pru even though he knew of her feelings for Oakley

* I enjoyed the Werewolf vs. Vampire twist. I really liked that Arien starts to visit Pru in her dreams. It felt kinda like Vampire Academy with Rose and Adrian. By the end of The Legacy of Kilkenny I wanted her to go with Arien. He at least seemed genuine with her. Let’s face it Oakley is hiding something and I think I might know what it is. The twist my mind is taking….. 

Points of Frustration: 

*My biggest complaint was that I felt this was more of an outline then a book. She would start talking about how Pru and Abel were hanging out playing around and then all of the sudden they were driving home. We need some bonding here with the Characters. 

*The second biggest complaint was switching points of view every other chapter. It just got too crazy, hence the whiplash. 

* I mention earlier that I thought Abel was a weak character for me. He is suppose to be The Great Wolf and the man/boy can’t stand up for himself. tsk tsk. 

* I thought I liked Oakley till the end. Now I think he is hiding a big secret and he seems to have pulled away from Pru a little. I was really hoping for this one to work out. But I guess I will have to throw my vote in with Arien. I know the Werewolf and Vampire tension would be crazy. 


This book wasn’t horrible to read. The concept was really intriguing. I might read the next book in the series to see what happens with Pru, but I could careless about Abel. Oakley is just pissing me off. 

I do have to thank Devyn Dawson and Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics group for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review. I know it is not easy to write a book and so I give her props for being able to publish a piece of literature. 


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