Book Review: Cold Touch by Leslie Parrish

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January 20, 2012 by thebookslayer

Rated: 5/5 Stars *****

I loved it. I thought this one was better than the first book in the series. It was intense throughout the whole book. In this book we get to watch Olivia Wainwright and Gabe Cooper fall in love. It all started with a Murder and almost being road kill.

I felt like I was watching a Bones episode but with her being able to relive the last 2 minutes and 10 seconds on the victim life. You even get a sexy Booth or in this case Gabe!

Recommend: This is a great book for all you Bones lovers,mystery solvers, and paranormal/psychic readers.

High Points of the Book:

*I loved the whole “let’s solve a murder together” feel. This kept the story interesting, not to mention intense. I had to put the book down and just step away for a few minutes.

*I was glad that we got to see Morgan more and he did save Olivia.

*I loved Ty, Gabe’s Police Partner. I was really sad when he ended up dying but thrilled when he came back as a ghost. I am glad that Olivia will be staying on the team.

*Let’s not forget the hunky Gabe. From the very beginning he was watching out for Olivia. Then when he found out who she worked for and what she did he was upset.

But never fear, he realized she had a gift and the love story takes off from there.

Low Points:

*My one complaint is that I felt like I had read this book before. It took me forever to figure out why, but then I realized. It seemed a lot like the Harper Connelly Series by Charlaine Harris.

Favorite Quotes:

“She told him.
And watched the man go from determined cop to utterly enraged lover.”

“Would you believe I was in the neighborhood?”
“Well, how about that I needed to see you.”
“Why? Did one of my neighbors call and say my cat’s been stalking their bunny?”
One corner of his mouth went up. “You know, that sounds like a euphemism. A kind of salacious one”
“Ooh, big words for Mr. Average Joe street cop,” she said, knowing she sounded bitchy but unable to help it.
“Can you take out the angry eyes, Mrs. Potato Head, and just let me talk to you?”



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