Bitter Sweet Good-Bye – Review of Last Sacrifice (Richelle Mead)

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December 16, 2010 by thebookslayer

Okay, I was one of those people who had already pre-ordered and had it delivered the day it came out. I have been a huge fan of this series. I actually tried to slow down with reading it due to the fact that it was all going to end.  sigh…. It has taken me a while to post because as much as I loved it, I still feel it is incomplete.
deep breath…..
I gave this book 5/5 stars *****

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

  • The beginning of this book we see Rose imprisoned for killing the Queen. Now as the reader we know that she is not guilty of that crime, however rebellious she may seem.  Her father, Abe is her attorney and comes to her rescue with several of her friends. Rose finds it hard to sit back and allow her friends to try to clear her name, since she is always the one to take command. She finds herself trying to come to grip with how her life has changed and who is going to continue being part of her life. 

  • Dimitri or Adrian? That is the question that plagued my mind. I have to say I was always a  fan of Dimitri, but came to love Adrian as the book went on. I don’t want to give the ending away so I will just say that I agree with the one she choose. It is a rocky ending for these three characters at best. 

  • Lissa discovers that she is stronger than she ever imagined. Christen is still dutifully by her side through the whole book. Yea Christen!!!
  • Sydney makes an unexpected but welcome appearance. I loved her in Blood Promise and was so excited that she was back for the finale. 
  • Only Regret is that I felt the ending was rushed and/ or I wish she had an epilogue. I feel that I am left hanging over a cliff.  It was like the plot ended , Rose choose the guy and then boom it was done. Does Lissa and Christen get married? What about Rose and her man? I mean they say they are going to try to make it work and that is it.  Just could have used a little more. 
I enjoyed all those nights reading about how Rose kicked so and so’s butt. Enjoyed reading about how Lissa has taken control of her life and learned that she doesn’t need Rose to protect her. Christen was always good for a laugh. I loved how Dimitri kept reverting back to Russian when he was pissed at Rose. Adrian was always sweet and forgiving. I enjoyed meeting Dimitri’s family and Rose’s Dad. It was a fun run while it lasted.  Sigh… Good-Bye Vampire Academy.



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